Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ubuntu Global Jam in Rio de Janeiro

Hi, guys!

I'm here to share with you my impressions about the last Ubuntu Global Jam in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
As any open source event, it was an incredibly opportunity to meet people that deal with the same kind of problems each day; tunning the machine to do what you want.
There I met Rodrigo and Oscar (from left to right in the above picture) and we tried to help the Ubuntu software with some translations and packaging.
There I learned how to create a debian package and packaged an old project to install gedit plugins.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian Robotics Olyimpiad was running! Children with their LEGO Mindstorms bots were serious competitors =)

And more!! An Arduino group was there too! The ArduInRio community.
It was a wonderful day of technology.
Thanks everyone!


  1. Olá Ronald,
    Parabéns pelo seu Blog, gostei muito de revê-lo neste evento da OBR e Arduinrio.
    Sucesso em sua carreira!
    Aquele abraço,
    César Bastos

  2. Obrigado pela mensagem, César!
    Gostaria de agradecer por suas aulas de física! Foram muito importantes para o início do meu amor pela ciência.
    Também foi bom revê-lo!
    Ronald Kaiser