Saturday, July 27, 2013

DOTuino - an arduino game

Hello readers!
Today I finished DOTuino, a minimalist space game for arduino. It was a wonderful experience -- making a minimalist console by myself. I recommend it for you 2!

In order to accomplish the job I gathered the following components:
  • an lcd display (16 columns x 2 lines);
  • a potentiometer (to adjust the lcd contrast);
  • a push button (a minimalist joystick);
  • a bunch of wires;
  • 2 resistors (1 for the push button and 1 for the lcd backlight);
  • of course, an arduino.
The low level connections are relatively straightforward for those already initiated in arduino projects. No eletronics gotchas. Nevertheless, if you decided to try this at home and got any problems, do not hesitate in contacting me. 

Below, the game running!

Source code is available at github, use at your own peril, =P
And feel free to contribute!

Till the next post!

Ronald Kaiser