Saturday, February 2, 2013

Why did I release ?

What do you think about registering as your next domain name?

Let me thought it was awful, right? I can hear you saying to yourself: "No one would use it, no one would remember it". Well, perhaps you are right. At least, right at this epoch (around 2013).

Yesterday I released that does such stupid thing; suggests an available domain name randomly. This post is about why I did it.

It's not from another world
I didn't do it alone. My young brother was 80% of the time at my side. I did it to show him very deeply that what he sees around the Internet didn't come from another world; that is not really a magical thing: it's made by people, for people and machines are just tools. Furthermore, he saw that in order to accomplish a goal, obstacles appear and you must face them to succeed.

It had a purpose
Its purpose is clear. When you have a clear purpose and you see its value, it makes a huge difference. You don't waste time in code styling, you deliver what must be delivered. Using is straightforward, you don't need to type anything, just access.

For fun
Not much to comment about this.

What's the meaning of XKCD? As far as I know, none. Answer me, sincerely, do you really think is a good name? The point is content matters, not names. If you have a good content, don't be fooled by what people say about "best practices" for domain names; people will be forced to remember your name.

Look at the mirror
Writing this post made me think...why didn't I choose a random name for too? Hmm...I will, soon, ;)

Special thanks
Special thanks to my love Juliana, helping me in so many ways I couldn't imagine. Many thanks for your help! You know you are part of it too. I love you!!!

That's all for now, folks

Till the next post!
Ronald Kaiser


  1. Heh, I thought of xkcd too as soon as I saw the first suggestion. Nice work, it is fun reloading the page over and over again to see if I get my xkcd-esk domain :)

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Akshay!!! Glad to know you like it!!! =)

  2. xkcd, when converted into numeric values based on their position in the alphabet, x = 24, k = 11, c = 3, d = 4, and the total of this is 42 :P

    1. Hmm..interesting point. Do you know why that particular order? With the chars: 'x', 'k', 'c', 'd' I can provide you 4! = 24 permutations that sum 42. Imagine how many permutations with 4 letters you can devise? I'll tell you: 8840.
      Thank you, you gave me an idea for a next feature for!

  3. I think you can find what xkcd means :

  4. It suggested me which is ACTUALLY a good domain name for anything related to photos. Good job!

    1. Thank you Yash!!! I'm happy that it was useful for you!!! =)